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The big and the small

The only difference between the two is who is watching (an ant, a human?)! It's a matter of perspective and when one's vision is captivated by a vast mountain range or the ocean teeming with waves crashing upon the rocky, weathered cliffs, one cannot help but feel a certain awe loom upon them as if one is being reminded of something important that has been forgotten or overlooked.

This important reminder is that there are things out there far larger than us. There are problems much greater than the ones we complain about. The opportunities around us extended further into the horizon than we think and that we should not let our vision of the world become so narrow and short-sighted.

When a scenic view imposes itself upon our sights our eyes obey and the borders of our peripheral vision crumbles. The eyes relax and they see the big picture. The big and small, the dangers, the problems, the important and non-important things all become apparent. The Beauty of the expanse before us aids our eyes in the process of filtration and ability to still see the scene as beautiful despite that it acknowledges everything at once. The dead trees in the distance are just as much part of the landscape as the shimmering waters that once fed them.

Not only are we awed by the vastness around us, we are also reminded that all things are connected and because we see this on the outside we FEEL it in the INSIDE. This vastness is also felt in the inside and thus that vastness also exists within us. The borders between the 'inside' and 'outside' disappear and in that moment we find peace.

This is why people are entranced by scenic views: Instant Meditation.

You can learn how to enter this state at any time, anywhere. Qigong is the answer! It is Meditation in Motion!

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