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Qigong Is like Food

Qigong is like food.

Isn't it frustrating that the results of Qigong begin to disappear if you stop practice?

This would be the same as eating food one day and then the next day getting frustrated that you are hungry again. We have to eat every day. Best results in Qigong are achieved with steady, regular practice (as with most things).

There are different types of 'food'. Your body extracts Qi from the food you eat, you breathe in Qi from the air. You absorb Qi from the environment around you. You also need the raw physical materials found in food (proteins etc.).

There is entering and exiting. Food goes in one end and comes out the other. In between entering and exiting there is contraction and expansion, rising and falling. There is moving left and moving right. There is rotation, there is harmony, there could be chaos (energy moving in a chaotic way). The Qi moves inside the body. This is Life.

There are long term and short term results in Qigong practice. Practice long enough and practice will become like food: It is just something that must happen everyday. The short term results are a glimpse of how Qigong can change your life in the long-term. The results accumulate and the results that would take an hour of practice to gain can become a normal, permanent feature of one's everyday function.

There is Qi all around you, all you need to do is learn how to harness it!

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