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How does Qigong relate to virtue and the present moment?

Actually you could say how does it NOT relate?!

This is because when we are doing Qigong we are observing and dealing with subtle energies in and around our bodies, how they move and how they relate to our functioning and how they affect others. This cannot be done if one is traveling far away in their thoughts and imagination in a world far removed from is happening before our eyes.

We need to connect with the the simple things in life: Feel the heat in your hands, feel the ground underneath your feet, feel the tension stuck in your body that is restricting your life, sense the energy/Qi sensations and what they are whispering to you. Energy IS the present moment: it IS what IS and HOW things are moving so learn to move with them! Join in on the Dance!

When you start to connect with energy you connect more intimately with the present moment and then the simplest of things become virtuous because you realise how you are doing them: the quality with which you are imbuing the things you do. You realise pouring yourself some tea was all wrong before, the way you hold your fork as you eat, the way you chew, the way you walk from A to B.

Then, lying in bed becomes more virtuous, sitting in your chair, standing in a line waiting - all become a virtue and you value how you do them. Beauty arises from anywhere and anything.

This is how energy work relates to all the things we do.

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