Discover how You can Harmonise, Strengthen and Empower Yourself

You will get a free initial consultation via Skype video call to discuss your goals and ensure an individual approach to maximise learning and progress as well as:

  • Structure: A weekly one hour group Qigong video class - Live - via Skype

  • Guidance and Results: Close supervision and individual instruction and corrections during classes to ensure that you get the most out of classes and your home Qigong practice. Avoid mistakes that can hold you back for years!

  • All Experience Levels: We have classes for both beginners and experienced Qigong practitioners.

  • A to Z approach: We understand the needs of each student and how our Qigong system (Daogong) develops human personal power and  potential

  • Authenticity: Access to practical Daoist teachings from a genuine Daoist School that will help you enhance your health and your life

  • Qualified Instructors:  Be guided by instructors who participate in regular intensive training and are constantly enhancing and developing their skills and personal practice. Our Instructors are all private disciples of the Ancient Daoist School - Yuxianpai - founded by famous Chinese Medicine Doctor Ma Dan Yang

  • Community: Become part of supportive growing online community of other Qigong practitioners and Daoism enthusiasts

  • Support: Email assistance/questions throughout the week

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