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Paint Dragon, Add Eyes

畫龍點睛 huà lóng diǎn jīng "Paint Dragon, add eyes"

This Chinese Proverb comes from the story of a Chinese 6th Century artist by the name of Zhang Zengyao who avoided painting the eyes on four Dragons that he painted on the wall of a monastery.

Everyone would admire his painting of the four dragons, commenting on how life-like they looked but would ask the artist why he didn't paint the eyes on the Dragons. Zhang Zengyao explained that if he added the eyes the Dragons would come to life for real! No one believed him so he gave in and added the finishing strokes to two of the four Dragons.

It is said that the weather turned and Thunder roared in the sky and the two Dragons flew away leaving behind the two other Dragons whose eyes were not given the final strokes. This Proverb; "Paint Dragon add Eyes" means to add a detail that makes all the difference or to bring something to life; to add the finishing touch.

What Mighty Dragons lie dormant in your Life that require only that finishing touch to bring them to Life? Don't limit yourself or be afraid of the thunder that declares the birth of something powerful!

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