Luis has studied Daoism and Practiced Daoist methods for over 10 years and his mission is to share this powerful wisdom with anyone who wishes to learn it and use it to empower themselves and make positive changes in their lives.


Luis is passionate about teaching because he always enjoys seeing the changes and transformations that students go through. His current studies include Internal Alchemy (Yuxianpai School), Qigong and Wu Hao Style Taiji Quan (martial art).

Luis started out with Karate before he was a teenager and practiced it for over 10 years. He has also studied for several years with a Master of Yang Style Taiji Quan (fist), Taiji Jien (longsword), Taiji Dao (broadsword) and Ba Gua as well as learned and taught his Qigong system. He also studied with a Master of the Ancient Daoist school of Longmenpai (Dragon Gate) and learned some Xingyi (martial art) methods.

Studies and Qualifications

  • Certificate 3 in Information Technology

  • Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness, Master Trainer Qualification

  • Bachelor in Exercise Science at ACU Sydney

  • Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine at UTS Sydney 

  • Diploma in Leadership and Management

  • Tai Chi (Taiji) and Qigong Instructor - Australian Taoist Kung Fu Association

  • Qigong Instructor - Dao De Centre

Luis also has over 14 years experience working as a personal trainer (focusing on the areas of rehab and injuries).

He feels lucky to have been able to study both the Eastern (Oriental Medicine) and Western (Modern Bio-Medicine) perspectives of health and the inner workings of the human body. 

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