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Push the Limits

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Don't limit yourself!

Self-actualisation is the blooming of one's innate potential.

This potential is like observing the bud of a flower unravelling itself but somewhere along the line, just as it was starting to reveal the beautiful colours hidden inside, something happened.

And, instead of OPENING to the world, the petals closed up and in some parts even though they didn't close up, their shape became distorted.

The mind and body are one fully functional and interconnected unit with various specialised parts all communicating with each other. When our potential is restricted it shows in our behaviours which are a reflection of our mental scars but also these traumas are imprinted in the body. This takes the form of tension. Tension is a state of CLOSING, a process of constriction whereby energy is blocked.

When energy is blocked there is discomfort. There is pain. Eventually, if left untreated it becomes illness or disease. If this tension is ignored it will not get better on its own, it will only get worse. Not only that, various layers of tensions build up over years and years of bad "Qi flow habits". Not only does the body become rigid but so does the mind. One becomes less open to new ideas and can get stuck in repetitive patterns that are not necessarily beneficial.

Qigong helps one to, on a daily basis, dissolve tension as it arises and establish good "Qi flow habits". What does this mean? It means that one knows how to keep the body moving free of tension and thus the Qi also moves harmoniously. All body systems are connected and the mind is also clear, fresh and sharp. Bad habits are the source of Qi moving chaotically or getting blocked in the body.

What are bad habits? Not realising when you are doing things that are going to tense your body, tense your mind, block your Qi and hinder your potential. if someone were to observe this happenning from the Qi level, it is like watching someone sit in a car and accelerate hard and hold down the brake at the same time. The person thinks they are getting somewhere but beneath sight the friction is building and the very wheels that allow one to move forward are being worn away and results in one spinning in a circle.

It is a very simple concept how to undo bad habits. All one needs to do in Qigong practice is learn how to relax and let the Qi flow using various movements and exercises. Easy to understand, but not so easy to apply. The application of this is a challenge worthy of anyone's effort!

It is the effort of all efforts. The effort undo unnecessary effort. The effort to realise one's potential where there lies no friction.Then, one can move forward and meet life's challenges self-actualised and without hindering themselves. Life will throw enough challenges at you so why make it hard for yourself to begin with?! Take some time to uncover your potential!

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