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Fact: There are parts of your body that are dormant!

Fact: There are parts of your body that are dormant!

When you start practicing Qigong, especially Zhan Zhuang (Post Standing) you will start to notice that there are parts of your body that simply are essentially asleep or partially asleep. Not only that, and because of this, there are other body parts that are overworked to compensate for dis-balance.The problem is two-fold: The underused parts are getting weaker and weaker, the overused parts are experiencing more wear and tear. Overall, both are getting weaker but in a different way.

This phenomenon is not only observed on the surface as the body structures start become twisted, stiff, overly large or waste away in certain areas but it also affects the internal workings of the body including the organs. This is because the meridians or energy pathways which interconnect the entire body are deeply affected by body tension and imbalance. As a result, we not only observe changes in the outer layers of the body, the inner layers, organs and channels but also the functioning of the mental-emotional field. When the body becomes more balanced, the stresses of life are more evenly spread about the body and thus a more harmonious Way of Living will manifest when you bring to Life the parts of you that lie asleep in the hidden corners of your being.

As a human being, there are many facets to you and your health. This is why we only teach our students exercises that will help one to realise the many layers of their being. For this reason, Zhan Zhuang is the Central exercise of our Qigong system (Daogong) and the various other exercises help on to work out Zhan Zhuang but at the same time are powerful exercises on their own!

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