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Don't work hard...Work SOFT!

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Don't be a hard worker!

Don't work hard. Work SOFT.

Learn how to work soft and you will out-work any hard worker!

This is not laziness. Working soft is a highly refined skill.

On the outside they may look similar (without close examination), but on the inside something completely different is happening.

Laziness is heavy, it is a burden to its own movements; it is dull and lifeless. Softness is light; it's lightness lifts it gracefully as if floating through the air with little effort and it lights up the space around it.

Hard work is not lazy, but it is burdened. It's like building a brick wall and then smashing through it; building a brick wall and then smashing through it until you reach your destination. Qigong is exercise like no other. It teaches one to shed tensions from the body and mind that serve no purpose but to cause a burden. This is done by learning softness; this softness leads to great activation and energy.

If you would like an example of the power of softness remember how a good, nurturing night's sleep leads to a productive day! Remember how a Tiger moves softly and in one second snatches it's prey; remember to take a pause and take a deep breath before you seize the day!

You want to work hard? Learn how to work soft.

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