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Desire is Not the Problem

Desire is not the problem.

The problem is - WHAT - you desire!

If you had no do anything...would you get out of bed? Let alone, do anything at all? What would be the point of living if there was nothing to drive you to do anything?

If we consider that we all have desires for different things, desire in itself is the wanting of something (at varying intensities). Here is the important part: What are your desires and what are you willing to do to manifest your desires?

Desire can be so intense that it's almost as if the drive of desire is not the obtaining of the object of desire but rather the annihilation of the desire itself! If desire has reached this intensity and you are not able to function without the thing you desire, you have lost sight of what is important.

Desire is a powerful movement. In the process of pursuing our desires, we can turn the world upside down and leave it behind devastated in flames sparked by the friction of our frantic pursuit. But one can also desire to help others; to build and create things which changes lives for the better and many people benefit from. Without the drive to create such things, neither of the above would emerge. The magnitude is the same but the result is different.

When you desire things that are outside of you, such as a fancy car, fancy clothes, riches, fame etc. remember that what feeds the drive for you to get up and pursue those things is your very life force; the life that pulses though your veins. How careful are you with how you spend your money? have you considered how careful you should be when expending your precious life in pursuing things and how your resultant actions shape your spirit?

Oftentimes, when you learn to slown down, when you learn to be still, when you learn to become quiet, you start to sense something inside. And when your mind becomes quiet enough you realise what is truly important. Without directly trying to struggle against the powerful movement of desire, you may find yourself sweating and running frantically one second trying to reach the horizon and then the next moment suddenly coming to a stop, fully satisfied of where you are and not even being able to remember what it is that you were chasing after in the first place!

Remember: The problem is not desire. It is what you desire, how you achieve your desires and forgetting what is important!

The rest is up to you.

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