Save Time & Learn from the Comfort of your Home

The online teaching format has many benefits. Originally we began teaching Live Lessons Online via Skype as an experiment because we wanted to reach more students who were keen to learn and we would not be able to teach otherwise. Because we achieved good results with this method we decided to continue the online teaching program and extend it so that we can reach even more people. We were surprised to find that some students were achieving better results learning online than in person!


- Lessons are taught using Skype video call

- We teach groups of up to 10 people per class

- Each student will be able to see the instructor and other students - It's just like attending a group class in person

- The instructor will teach each movement in detail provide theory and individual corrections for each student

- Students are encouraged to ask questions during the lessons to enhance their learning


We invite you to try our Live online lessons and experience the benefits of Qigong & Tai chi for yourself

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- Learn from the comfort of your own home

- Download and use Skype for free (

- No travel required - save time!

- Ongoing support via email - individualised approach to teaching

- Learn from anywhere in the world

- Meet people from around the world


- Warm up sequence: Learn how to activate and prepare the body and energy channels for energy work

- Core exercises of Daogong: Deep relaxation and working out of the energy system

- Post standing Qigong (Zhang Zhuang): Learn how to gather energy and gain a comprehensive understanding of yourself and your body from the inside out. Post standing is the central exercise of Daogong.

- Complex exercises: Harness the power of energy gathered using more complex/advanced exercises

- Healing sounds: Cleansing of the organs​

With careful study of our Qigong system - Daogong - each student has the opportunity to learn about and how to apply in a practical way in one's life, the Wisdom of:

- Yin-Yang (adjust to patterns in everyday life such as social life, work, environmental conditions etc)

- Energy Channels (Maintain one's energy channels clean and flowing full of energy)

- The Three Treasures (Learn how to manage and work with your internal resources)

- And much more.....

We always remind our students to experience the benefits and results of our  methods for themselves through their personal practise and not just take our word for it - we invite you to try our lessons for one month and see the results for yourself!