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Access Precious Life-changing Teachings

To find the most Rare and Effective Teachings you would need to devote your time and efforts to searching the highest and deepest Mountains. You do not need to do this.....We bring these Precious Teachings to YOU!


The Purpose of the Free Events is to give people the opportunity to try our our classes and teachings, help people to experience the amazing benefits of Daoist practices and continue to grow our global community.

Step 1: Fill in the form below. If you do not have a skype, please download it and make an account using this link:

Step 2: In order to secure your place in the free class, you MUST accept our invitation via Skype. If you do not accept the invitation we will not be able to add you to the Skype video call on the day of the free class. Please use this contact request link so that we can connect on Skype:

Please follow the steps carefully. If you miss out do not worry! You can always attend the next Free Event!

NOTE: Please make sure to check your spam folder (and all other folders) in case any of our emails get sent there. Don't miss out on booking your Free Class!

Choose the Event you're signing up for:

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